Game of Thrones Fans Cannot Get Over This Character’s Badass Death

July 31, 2017

As the third episode of Game of Thrones hits, we’re nearly halfway through the season. From promising Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s meeting in the near future to Euron Greyjoy attacking the Sand Snakes by the neck. Engaged in a conversation, Sansa and Baelish seem to be working it out together. As it turns out, it was Cersei’s (Lena Headey), and it was a truly brutal exacting of justice, even…


Trump’s health care timeline is off

July 30, 2017

Ducey had earlier expressed concerns about how legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could affect Medicaid recipients in Arizona, The governor has said he wants a slower phase-out of higher Medicaid expansion matches, higher inflation adjustments, elimination of a penalty for states that expanded parts of Medicaid early, as well as explicit flexibility for the program covering 1.9 million Arizonans.


Murkowski says Senate should work with Dems on ACA reform

July 22, 2017

With the Affordable Care Act, the nation took a long step toward nationalizing health care. “Here we are in the middle of July and we don’t even know what rules we will be operating under for open enrollment”. As a matter of fact, six medical organizations representing more than 560,000 doctors in the United States have banded together to fight for their patients’ health.