• Ripple jumps up with a double digit number
  • World’s First Virtual Reality Real Estate Supported by Blockchain
  • American Express & Santander collaborate to provide seamless cross-border payments
  • Sola: World’s first decentralized social network
  • Only 8% of blockchain products remain active
Block-chain start-up Sun Exchange

Block-chain startup Sun Exchange raises $1.6 million

There is a new block-chain start-up Sun Exchange that has raised $1.6 million in seed funding last week The company attracted a number of investors like Network Society Ventures, Kalon Venture Partners, and startup accelerators BoostVC, Techstars and Powerhouse. Last year this start-up joined the Plug n Play start-up accelerator Sun Exchange platform utilises the new technology to rent out solar panels so transactions can be recorded on block-chain and payments…


MasterCard leaps onto block-chain payment tools

Mastercard, the credit card giant is pushing ahead with a set of blockchain payment tools first unveiled last year, opening to merchants and banks for wider use. The company released a press release in which it announced that it would be working on a business to business transaction system with the block-chain technology, as an attempt to address challenges of speed, transparency and costs in cross-border payments. Mastercard unveiled the…


emCash: The world’s first state sponsored Crypto-currency

Over the last half century, Dubai has managed to evolve from a small desert city to a metropolis of more than 3 million people. This country has managed to catch in the tech fever. The government announced that it will be rolling out automated flying taxis in the next 3 years. A real life robo-cop prototype was also revealed, bringing all our sci-fi dreams into reality. To truly create a…

Bitcoin All Time High

Bitcoin surges to a new all time high of $6000

Earlier today, the bitcoin hit an all-time high of $6000 for the third time in the past month. The last stable price of Bitcoin was $5,600. This jump has been predicted by financial analysts including Holger Zschapitz, the senior editor at Welt as the idea of Bitcoin exchange traded funds in regulated markets was floated. The US Bitcoin market is highly anticipating this new development in the trading of the…


Bitfinex Terminates US Customers from its Clientele Base

Bitfinex, the high volume crypto-currency exchange based out of Hong Kong, has announced that it will be terminating business ties with its U.S. individual customers, and has set the deadline for November 9th for all digital tokens be withdrawn from those accounts. This comes after Bitfinex began barring U.S. customers from trading Ethereum-based (ERC20) tokens that were issued from ICOs, back on August 16th. There are several reasons that the…

Hydrominer ICO

Hydrominer ICO: Making an Enormous Splash into Profitable Green Crypto-Mining

In a virtual economy, crypto-currency mining operations take enormous amounts of energy, which can cut into the profitability of the project, and into returns on your investment.   Hydrominer, an Austrian start-up based out of Vienna, is ran by sisters Nicole and Nadine Damblon, who have experience crypto mining going back to 2014; plan on changing the traditional approach to this inevitable dilemma by tapping into a renewable energy source, hydropower….

Mobile Data

Canadian wireless company Freedom Mobile offers 10 GB of data for $50

In a move that will likely ignite a fierce competition among Canadian wireless companies for data services, Freedom Mobile today announced the launch of Big Gig under which it is offering 10 GB of data for $50. The Big Gig is being seen as a treat for Canadians who love good deals when it comes to phone plans and specifically mobile data plans. Freedom Mobile announced that under the new…

android 8 oreo

Nvidia Shield not getting Android 8.0 Oreo update

For all those Nvidia Shield tablet fans and owners out there, the semiconductor giant has said that the tablet won’t be blessed with the Android 8.0 Oreo update. The Nvidia Shield saw two iterations – the original one launched in 2014 and subsequently the K1 launched in 2015. Both the tablets did garner a respectable following and over their life have received quite a few updates including Android OS updates…

Intel Corporation

Intel flaunts new 17-qubit quantum computing chip

Intel has brought the quantum computing race on the front lines again by showing off a new 17-qubit chip – a move that is indicative of the semiconductor company’s intentions of getting a head start in the advanced computing arena. The new chip has been developed at Hillsboro, which is Intel’s most advanced research and manufacturing site. The new chip that holds the promise of paving way for advanced computing to…

NICT Switching

World-record for optical switching capacity of 53.3 Tb/s established

In a new record, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has demonstrated switching capacity for short-reach data-center networks at 53.3 Tb/s. The world-record setting demonstration was delivered by NICT President Hideyuki Tokuda. The demonstration made use of spatial division multiplexing (SDM) over multi-core optical fibers (MCFs) as well as a newly developed high-speed spatial optical switch system that enables full packet-granularity. One of the major motivations behind the…