• Ripple jumps up with a double digit number
  • World’s First Virtual Reality Real Estate Supported by Blockchain
  • American Express & Santander collaborate to provide seamless cross-border payments
  • Sola: World’s first decentralized social network
  • Only 8% of blockchain products remain active

Munchee: The World’s First Decentralized Food Application

Munchee is a block-chain based social network application for food reviews. It has the potential to produce more credible food reviews than existing applications that are already available. Reviews in traditional applications can be manipulated. The Munchee application will be used as a marketing tool by the leading restaurants to gain favorable and credible reviews. This app will use the block-chain technology to authenticate reviews. Munchee guarantees that reviews are…


Bitcoin is a better investment than Gold – Apple’s Co-Founder

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that bitcoin is a better investment than the old hot “Gold” and the famous US dollar. The Bitcoin Magazine reported, Wozniak made this claim at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas. He explain that although Bitcoin is known for its price volatility it is still better than government backed currencies as it has fixed supply while fiat currencies can be easily diluted by increasing…


Cars being sold with Crypto-Currency

A car dealer in Malaysia held a sales event for luxury cars in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 6th of October. He successfully sold 8 luxury cars: 1 Mini Cooper S, 2 Toyota Vellfire MPV, 1 Audi Q7, 1 Porsche 911, 1 BMW 5 Series and 2 Mercedes CLS 350. All these cars were sold on a cryptocurrency named MSD which was price at $0.10 per coin during the…


MinexCoin: A coin with low volatility

Crypto-currencies have always been under the speculation of high volatility. MinexCoin is an ambition project initiated by MinexSystem which attempts to solve the problem of volatility. It will start trading on November 1st. It offers an innovative solution that uses both the blockchain technology and the traditional finance system to deal with the problem of high volatility. Experienced trades bank with high profits speculating large rises and falls in coins,…


Australia publishes draft laws for relaxed fintech and cryptocurrency regulations

The government of Australia has published laws that will enhance the rules and regulations on FinTech startups by letting them operate without a full license. This allows crypto-currency transactions within the country without any hassle. The government released new drafts of the framework for the new regularities. It will relax the requirements of license for new and innovative FinTech start-ups in the country. Each company had meet all licensing requirements…


Metronome: New digital currency to overcome shortcomings of Bitcoin

A controversial figure, Jeff Garzik has debated on bitcoin scaling. He revealed that he has created a new currency which aimed to overcome the shortcomings of bitcoin. Jeff was one of the core developers of the technology behind bitcoin. Jeff has been publicising his new currency Metronome. It will be the first crypto-currency coin which will allow users to switch block-chains on same token. Coins will be capable of moving…


Retailers and producers turn to blockchain to improve food safety

IBM announced that 10 companies will collaborate in the global food supply chain to explore blockchain technologies. Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and Company, McLane Company, Nestle, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart will work with IBM to strengthen consumers confidence in global food system. For food companies and suppliers across the chain, the block-chain is an important and intriguing technology to trace back the journey of product all…

World's first decentralized gaming ecosystem

Flux: World’s first decentralized gaming ecosystem

Flux company announced the launch of the ICO campaign for the world’s first global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on block-chain technology. This is the first solution that has been presented to the e-sports arena. It will provide decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. Flux is an ecosystem which will provided different levels of interactivity of the gaming process. It will provide a way to monetize gaming achievements…

American Express uses blockchain

American Express to establish a new customer reward system based on blockchain

The travel wing of American Express may consider the use of block-chain to provide personalized customer rewards system. A new patent was filled by US Patent and Trademark office that details a concept for offering customer specific types of rewards (points or virtual currency tied to a product). The patent indicates that the financial organization would make these offers by analyzing personalized data about the customer by identifying their historic…

Etheruem Gold ICO

Etheruem Gold (ETHG): ICO

We can see a growing acceptance of decentralised applications by developers and users. Secondly, the transfer or money instantaneously is a very attractive option for the receiver and the sender. These two attractive features are combined to make block-chain products also known as crypto-currencies. Catching up on the trend and the pace Etheruem Gold has been launched to satisfy the growing aspirations of millions of people, equipping them with the…