SmartOne: First decentralized legal community

We have seen a variety of decentralized platforms that are disrupting the internet like freelance portals, betting companies, lottery companies. New companies have been announcing ICO of all different types. So far, we haven’t seen anything in the legal space. This is about to change as a startup attempts to bring smart contracts for you for legal solutions. SmartOne, a new blockchain based marketplace is built for legal solutions and services. It is in process of being recognized and invested.

The token for this platform will be called the ‘Legal’ token and will do its initial coin offering later in this month. Firms and lawyers from all around the world will be able to sell their services and offer legal advice to clients without any geographical barriers.

To start the platform and establish solid grounds, SmartOne will undertake extensive research on how to find legal clarification on the ICO and cryptocurrencies itself. ICO and cryptocurrencies are being hunted by my states. In countries like China and South Korea, ICOs and cryptocurrencies have been targeted while in USA they are being forced to being regulated by the securities and exchange commission and other government regulatory bodies. Even in countries like Japan and UK these ICOs are being watched by the government

The first task of the platform would be to find how the model and the existence of ICOs can be justified under the current laws of majority of the countries.


The LEGAL token will undergo an ICO starting from November 15, 2017. A 10% bonus is presented to potential investors during the whitelisting process.  SmartOne’s model is such that it will continue to play its role in the legal evolution of the crypto world and not just stand back and watch after the initial launch.


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