Sola: World’s first decentralized social network

Do you love to create your own content and the idea of making money from that content is attractive then you should try out Sola. It is a platform which helps you get your thoughts out to the world also get paid for it.

With Sola, you don’t need to have a great following to reach a huge audience. There is no concept of friends and followers in this network which means everyone has an equal opportunity to get their message viral. Posts on this network can spread like virus if the content is worthy.

Sola, formerly known as Plague or Plag, is a public, decentralized, social information network that is being governed by the users themselves. Content creators are the key to the growth of this network. The content is produced by quality members and is meant for global audience.

Ilya Zudi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sola explained: “It is critical for a social service to create quality content. Therefore we consider content creators as partners, and we share with them a part of our revenue. Revenue distribution between the content creators is performed based on the endorsement given by other users in the Sola app.”

“There are many people on different social media websites who have thousands of followers and they are ruling the platforms, leaving newcomers or smaller users often unnoticed. Sola gives everybody the ability to reach large audiences. Everyone can see each other’s posts and the only thing that matters is the quality of the content. If the user’s content is great, it is most likely endorsed by others, and will create more revenue.”

To motivate users to create better content, Sola has create incentives for the users. There is no entrance threshold which means anyone can register and start earning money. Secondly there is no followers and connections to build.

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