Munchee: The World’s First Decentralized Food Application

Munchee is a block-chain based social network application for food reviews. It has the potential to produce more credible food reviews than existing applications that are already available. Reviews in traditional applications can be manipulated. The Munchee application will be used as a marketing tool by the leading restaurants to gain favorable and credible reviews.

This app will use the block-chain technology to authenticate reviews. Munchee guarantees that reviews are legit as they won’t be altered, censored, hidden or removed. The platform will offer both consumers and restaurants cryptocurrency tokens to incentivize them to use the app. The App’s payment network will revolve around this token without the need of any third-party payment processor saving transaction costs.

They key feature of this application is peer review. Each review posted by a user needs to be approved the other users on the application. This system ensures that only quality reviews are posted on the application. To promote people to review posts by another user the application gives points that can be redeemed to create their own posts. This system eliminates fake reviews or low quality posts with incomplete fields for example no dishes name, no rating, no pricing etc. Random users will be required to review the posts and once a post is reviewed certain times the post is passed and finally posted on the application.

Restaurants reviewers are rewarded with MUN tokens (Crypto-currency) for providing reviews, regardless of their content. This will encourage users to participate in posting of reviews. Restaurant will be able to buy MUN tokens to reward to the posters who post good about the restaurant. The token can also be used for transactions for buying of food. These tokens will be used by restaurants to advertise on the platform and at the same time users can redeem their tokens for free meals.

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