Flux: World’s first decentralized gaming ecosystem

Flux company announced the launch of the ICO campaign for the world’s first global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on block-chain technology. This is the first solution that has been presented to the e-sports arena. It will provide decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. Flux is an ecosystem which will provided different levels of interactivity of the gaming process. It will provide a way to monetize gaming achievements that has never been tried before. This platform will be used to hold competitive games and tournaments, an e-market for gaming products, funding of new gaming projects and a platform to broadcast games live.

The team of this company includes professionals from the industry with deep practical experience in e-sports, game industry, digital television, media, blockchain technology and has an excellent practical understanding of market structure, consumer attraction and consumer behavior.

The presale of Flux coins will start from 20th November.

The model that this block-chain technology provides will have absolute transparency, absences of limits and its own coin/token will be means of making payments within the platform. It is an eco-system in which participants, including spectators become full members of the system. Each participant can interact with others without any limits and earn money in the process. It opens new opportunities for streamers and organizers of tournaments that are broadcasted live. Flux monetizes game streaming creating an infrastructure so that viewers can connect with streamers for a certain fee. It will be an independent game content generator.



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