Etheruem Gold (ETHG): ICO

We can see a growing acceptance of decentralised applications by developers and users. Secondly, the transfer or money instantaneously is a very attractive option for the receiver and the sender. These two attractive features are combined to make block-chain products also known as crypto-currencies. Catching up on the trend and the pace Etheruem Gold has been launched to satisfy the growing aspirations of millions of people, equipping them with the technology and simplicity to progress

The founder of Etheruem Gold said the following in a press release “Ethereum Gold (ETHG) was a 100% fair launch without any Crowd Funding or investment rounds. Ethereum Gold developer community is independently wealthy and self-funded. Ethereum Gold (ETHG) is different technologies in the Crypto World. Ethereum Gold is wonder with the idea of making existing Smart Contracts easily accessible, adaptable and deployed by millions of end-users. ETHG’s goal is Smart Contract for everyone, by anyone.”

There is a similar coin under the same name Ehteruem Gold with the symbol ‘ETG’ therefore it is recommended to see the ICO details carefully before investing. The official symbol of this coin is ETHG with a total supply of 210 million and the initial price of 0.00015 BTC. The official website of the coin is

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