Hydrominer ICO: Making an Enormous Splash into Profitable Green Crypto-Mining

In a virtual economy, crypto-currency mining operations take enormous amounts of energy, which can cut into the profitability of the project, and into returns on your investment.   Hydrominer, an Austrian start-up based out of Vienna, is ran by sisters Nicole and Nadine Damblon, who have experience crypto mining going back to 2014; plan on changing the traditional approach to this inevitable dilemma by tapping into a renewable energy source, hydropower.

Hydropower is considered to be one of the most effective and low-cost renewable energy resources. It is natural, environmentally friendly, and carbon neutral. This unique approach allows them to manage resources sustainably and enables low-emission production; thus, attempting to make their token, H20, a “green” crypto-currency.

Hydrominer’s goal is to offer higher profit margins from their token by tapping this natural resource in the mountainous Alps. To run the mining farm, the company will put into use the hydroelectric power, that is directly from the source, two new hydro power stations based out of Feistritz and Bruck an der Muhr, in Austria. With their proprietary water-cooling powered solutions, they will be able to maintain lower temperatures at a higher concentration, which is vital for peak mining performance.

H2O tokens themselves are Hydrominer’s mining agreements that symbolize kilowatts (kwH) of their operation. These H2O tokens can be effectively exchanged to mine other crypto-currencies at a more lucrative rate in the form of payouts. Hydrominer already has mining rigs setup and fully operational mining Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, SiaCoin, and more. H2O tokens are based on the Etheruem blockchain, and can be stored conveniently on an ETH address smart contract.

Due to the eco-friendly nature of hydroelectricity, their capital can be greatly extended in improving their infrastructure and produce higher returns for all invested parties. They claim their income projections significantly rise above their competitors that use traditional cloud mining solutions from other sources of power. This is actually based of previous performance, due to their pricing structure being built on accessible energy. In fact, they claim their cost of electricity is 85% lower than the average price in Europe.

Their team consists of a well-rounded group of individuals, who of which contain a wealth of knowledge concerning blockchain technology, energy consultancy, cooling technology, network infrastructure, data analytics, and ICO advisors; and can be viewed here – https://www.hydrominer.org/team/

Representing growing interest in this business model, the Hydrominer Pre-sale was sold out in 36 minutes, and raising 1,500 ETH (hard cap), on September 25th. Next on their token release schedule is the Hydrominer ICO, which is on October 18th, 10.00 UTC, which will last for four weeks ranging from 20% to 5% bonuses, until the 25 million H20 hard cap is reached.

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