Canadian wireless company Freedom Mobile offers 10 GB of data for $50

In a move that will likely ignite a fierce competition among Canadian wireless companies for data services, Freedom Mobile today announced the launch of Big Gig under which it is offering 10 GB of data for $50.

The Big Gig is being seen as a treat for Canadians who love good deals when it comes to phone plans and specifically mobile data plans. Freedom Mobile announced that under the new plan, new and existing clients will not be slapped with any penalties for data overages and this is definitely something that no other company is providing in the market. The Big Gig plan is available starting today, October 19.

If we look at what you can do with 10GB of data, you can stream a whopping 250 hours of music on Spotify at normal quality in a given month or you can make 20 hours of video calls or stream 100 hours of standard content or 13 hours of HD video content on YouTube or if you are a Netflix fan, you can stream 40 hours of standard content or 10 hours of HD content on Netflix.

In Canada, currently 10 GB plan from Rogers costs $145 per month, while Telus and Bell offer such a plan starting $135.

The launch of the Big Gig data plans is being supported with a national marketing campaign by Freedom Mobile to ensure Canadians see what they could and should be paying for data.

Along with the new Big Gig data plans, Freedom Mobile will continue to offer plans ranging from $25 per month, providing customers with choice and customization of plans which best suit their needs.

“Big Gig will be a loud and unprecedented, in-your-face campaign that makes it clear to Canadians that they have a choice that doesn’t include costly overages or top-ups each month,” said Katherine Emberly, Senior Vice President Marketing, Shaw Communications.

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