Russian Cannibal Couple Allegedly Responsible for Eating 30 People

Dmitry Baksheev, 35, was detained by police investigating several deaths.

Police say the pair could be responsible for dozens of deaths or disappearances spanning nearly two decades, according to the Post.

Natalia Baksheeva is accused of killing and eating almost 30 people during a three-decade span.

At first, the man denied having killed the woman, claiming he had found the remains and had taken photographs of himself with them, before losing his phone.

The crimes were uncovered when a cell phone, which included images of the man posing with a dismembered female victim, was found on a street in Krasnodar earlier this month.

Authorities quickly linked the mobile device to Baksheev and arrested him.

The gruesome case in the southern Krasnodar region has led to the arrest of a 35-year-old man and his wife, both of whom are alleged to have murdered as many as 30 people since 1999 and consumed parts of the bodies, Russian media reported. The case is, somehow, not the most gruesome murder case to hit Russian Federation this year: Former policeman Mikhail Popkov confessed in March to raping and murdering 82 people between 1992 and 2000, 22 of which have already yielded convictions, according to CNN.And you thought your MREs tasted bad.

After knocking out their victims with sedatives, the two would skin and eat portions of the human flesh, officials said. The Washington Post reports that the pair may have also tried to slip “canned human meat” into the food they prepared at their workplace – a military academy in the city of Krasnador, about five hours away from Sochi. The USA Today says the couple lived at a military academy and sold “frozen meat pieces” to soldiers at a nearby military base.

About eight body parts – some of which were in tins or containers in some kind of salt solution, a video tutorial on cannibalism and a recipe book on how to cook people were found in the couple’s house.

The couple could be charged with additional counts of murder as the probe continues.

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