Nigeria pulls out of 90 global bodies – Adeosun

Abuja – The Federal Government has announced the decision to withdraw its membership from 90 worldwide organisations owing to the country’s inability to meet its financial obligations.

Adeseun said: “I’m briefing on a memo that was extensively discussed during FEC meeting on a recommendation of an inter-ministerial working committee on the status of Nigeria’s membership of worldwide organizations and associated financial obligations”.

The minister did not name the particular organisations Nigeria will be withdrawing from but disclosed that the committee was given two weeks within which to review the recommendations after which a final decision will be taken by FEC.

Adeosun said Nigeria did not need to be a member of every single organisation but FEC had made a decision to prioritise Nigeria’s obligations nation’s image.

Richard King, has said President Muhammadu is having sleepless nights over threats to unity by militancy, ethnic separatism and agitation for restructuring by groups.

Nigeria is also a major player on the continent – which is the major concern of its foreign policy – with foreign aids and personnel deployed to several countries.

She said the FEC also ordered that circulars be issued about who is authorised to commit Nigeria “because it was discovered it could be a director or an ambassador who attended the meeting who committed subscription on behalf of Nigeria”. And then ministers were then asked to look at the recommendations of those worldwide organizations which we want to withdraw from and ensure that they are in support of those decisions before we will finalize the work on this issue.

Adeosun added that “We need to tighten up the procedures of committing Nigeria to any form of subscription or donations to global organizations”.

The FEC mandated a committee to come up with recommendations to it for ratification over the plans to exit the country from the 90 organisations. So that was what drove the committee.

“The initial committee made the recommendations that of the 310 organisations, 220 should be retained while membership should be withdrawn from the rest”.

“But council directed that more work needed to be done”.

“The first committee has a figure of about $122 million but we are clear from the Ministry of Finance that it is far more than that. The subscription is $70 million per annum and there are lots of arrears”, she said.

Adeosun, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant, described the latest move as “just prudence and value for money”.

He said the President’s speech was in order as he spoke to an worldwide audience addressing global issues, including three priority areas of security, anti-corruption and the economy, which also covered all the things that affect Nigeria as a country. When you haven’t paid up your subscriptions you can’t necessarily do so.

Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama speaks during a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Moscow on May 30, 2017.

The Leadership newspaper said that the passage of the three petroleum industry bills that are at the committee stage and social justice bills like the jungle justice bill are some of the salient issues the Senate will be addressing as it resumes from its over one month recess.

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