Twitter Increases Character Limit From 140 to 280

Twitter users may no longer struggle to cram all their thoughts into one tweet, with the social media platform to trial a longer 280-character limit.

Twitter said on the average, English tweets use more than twice as many characters as Japanese tweets.

The longer limit, which Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen and senior software engineer Ikuhiro Ihara explained in a blog post “is only available to a small group right now”, doubles Twitter’s 140-character staple.

Those who use Twitter would soon be able to tweet more than 140 characters.

Characters in those languages can often express more than Roman characters can, meaning those users already, in effect, have a higher limit.

There are also other methods for enabling the same via TweetDeck but since not everyone on Twitter also uses TweetDeck, this seems like the most accessible option available at the moment. SMS has largely become obsolete to Twitter users as smartphone technology has advanced. This caused so many people to move to other platforms. “We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new”. For the second quarter, it reported a loss of $116 million and zero growth in the number of users, at 328 million people. The company now has about 320 million users.

Meanwhile, the company’s share price has dipped 43 percent in the a year ago, closing Tuesday at $16.59.

Of course, some think character limits are the least of Twitter’s problems.

Twitter is known for allowing users to post short status updates with bite-sized pieces of information.

Juan LupiĆ³n, chief technology officer at The Cocktail, a leading digital consultancy firm from Spain, says that developing this character limit feature was no easy task for Twitter.

According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, this is a small change, but a big move for them. The company has partnered with Major League Baseball and the National Football League to deliver games, betting that Twitter is inherently a compelling place to watch live sports and engage with fans at the same time. Facebook Inc has 2 billion users. The platform is beholden to consumers of real-time news (perhaps the opposite of fun?) and people with a penchant for sharing terse opinions. To that end, the company added that the issue of online safety is best tackled with collaboration, so Twitter will continue to collaborate with its Trust & Safety Council, industry experts, and academics.

It remains to be seen whether the 280-character limit will become a permanent feature – let alone a defining one, like its 140-character predecessor.

Last year, there were reports that the micro-blogging site may go for 10,000-character tweets.

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