That $800 iPhone 8 Plus costs Apple $288 to make

Similarly, the entry-level iPhone 8 Plus costs $288.08 to make compared with $270.88 or the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple rarely releases battery capacity details alongside other specifications, but a TENAA report on the iPhone X suggests that the battery capacity on the phone is greater than the two other new models. In fact, users confirmed the issue is happening across multiple mobile carriers both in the USA and internationally.

Apple acknowledged the problem in a statement to the Verge, claiming there are only a “small number” of users affected.

The static crackling only occurs during some phone and Facetime calls.

And I’ve got no complaints on performance with the device. Cracking noises during calls. That however does not happen during every call, and is not present when using the earpiece as a loudspeaker. Let’s just hope the company appeases everyone with something new alongside the iPhone X. That Super Retina display really deserves a unique wallpapers of its. It apparently isn’t heard on earphones or speakerphone.

The sound is intermittent, and while it doesn’t disrupt the call entirely, it is certainly distracting.

As reported by ArsTechnica, Apple has updated its support pages around the Exchange email bug, which left users trying to send emails from a Microsoft address in Mail, with a new timeframe. This update likely fixes those issues, so if you have been facing any similar issue after installing the iOS 11 update, make sure you install the iOS 11.0.1 update as soon as possible. After all, a phone with a depleted battery is a useless one. Thank you for continuing to use Skype! Though, none of these seem to be a credible solution.

In pre-market NY trading, Apple shares were up almost 1.4% at US152.64.

While Apple is aware of the issue, it has not said what is causing the crackling.

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