NHC says Hurricane Lee strengthening while moving westward

Hurricane Lee churned in the Atlantic Ocean Wednesday, becoming the fifth major hurricane to form in the Atlantic in 2017.

Weather experts say Hurricane Maria is heading in a northerly direction towards Iceland but may pick up turbulence from Hurricane Lee and be carried by the jet stream towards the UK.

“So at this time, while we can say that many places will see a period of wet and windy weather later this weekend and into next week, we can’t say which areas of the United Kingdom will see the wettest or windiest weather”.

SCOTS are being told to be prepared as Hurricane Lee is upgraded to a Category 2 storm. Lee still could become a major hurricane later today before weakening commences on Thursday.

Both systems are weakening, but even so there is potential for them to impact the weather here, although the extent of this influence is now uncertain.

Tropical Storm Maria is a “potential threat to Bermuda”, the Bermuda Weather Service said, with its closest point of approach to Bermuda within 72 hrs is forecast to be 296 nm to the NNW at 12am on Friday [Sept 29] with the BWS noting that “this system may move closer to Bermuda after this time period”.

Frank Saunders, duty chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “These systems regularly head towards the United Kingdom, especially in autumn”.

“Ex-Maria will still contain tropical air brought north and it is this air which has the potential to affect our weather. Our waters are far too cool to sustain an actual hurricane”.

A superstorm from the remains of Hurricanes Maria and Lee are heading towards the United Kingdom, forecasters have warned. They can bring very strong winds and heavy rain, but they are a normal part of our weather.

However, The Weather Channel have now said latest forecast models show the storms could take seperate paths and lose some of their voracity before reaching the United Kingdom on Sunday.

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