Ireland to hold a referendum on legalising abortion in 2018

Ireland is to hold a referendum on whether to scrap its ban on abortion, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced. For years, the United Nations has targeted the Emerald Isle for its unwillingness to allow women to abort their babies, except when the mother’s life is in danger.

Claire McGowran, a volunteer with London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, told The Independent that they were waiting for an exact date and the wording of the referendum question and were ready to start a year of campaigning. revealed a year ago that billionaire George Soros has been using his Open Society Foundation (OSF) to turn Ireland into a pro-abortion country.

She said they must ensure the vote takes place before the next election. They are under pressure already from “intense lobbying” on both sides, much of it on social media, according to a report in the Irish Times newspaper. Politicians in a committee to examine the Eighth Amendment said they are anxious about meeting a December deadline for the referendum.

On Tuesday, the government set out a timetable for several votes over the next two years, including on reducing the time couples must wait before a divorce from four to two years, and one on the constitutional amendment that makes illegal the “publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious or indecent matter”. Pro-life campaigners have complained that the administration is showing poor timing since the referendum would fall just before the visit of the Pope, who is scheduled to attend the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August 2018.

In 2013, new rules came into effect under Ireland’s Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, to allow abortion when there is a real and substantial risk to a woman’s life. Soros reportedly intends to use Ireland as a prototype to overturn anti-abortion laws in Catholic countries around the world. The document showed the foundations’ three-year plan through 2019 to target laws in Ireland, Mexico and other pro-life countries, the Catholic News Agency reported. “It is vital that the government realise that the 30,000 plus people who take to the streets on Saturday for the March for Choice are doing it because they want free, safe and legal abortion access”.

Abortion is not the only issue being voted on by the Irish electorate. However, there is some support for repealing the Eighth Amendment to allow abortions in cases of rape, the physical and mental health of the mother and fatal fetal anomalies.

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