Huge Layoffs at Agents of Mayhem Developer Volition After Poor Sales

While many of us enjoy a good, old-fashioned absurd open-world game from Volition, it seems that their latest title Agents of Mayhem just didn’t do well enough.

Volition, the studio popularized by the Saints Row franchise, has laid off over 30 people this week, including general manager Dan Cermak, according to a new report from Kotaku.

Deep Silver is reportedly dissatisfied with sales of Agents of Mayhem, which released last month. The publisher, nor the developer, have confirmed the veracity of this report, however three separate sources corroborated the layoffs to Kotaku. That’s both physical and digital sales accounted for and during a slow month with not a lot of other major releases.

Exactly how Agents of Mayhem fared on the sales charts isn’t known, but it’s clearly not a big hit on the PC.

Deep Silver purchased Volition back 2013 after the studio’s former owner THQ left the video game industry.

Volition is now owned by Deep Silver parent company Koch Media, who bought the company from THQ’s asset auction in 2013 for $22.3 million. Further, it’s worth noting that layoffs are typical after a game releases and development dials down, even for succesful ones.

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