Folsom Fire Captain deploys to Puerto Rico

Malloy of Wilmington splits his time between the First State and Puerto Rico, and said it appears some may have forgotten that residences of Puerto Rico are US citizens. His town sustained damage, but little flooding. Now, she just has to figure out how to get everything to Concord next week.

Frances Connor (19C) said returning to Puerto Rico “will be hard” after Maria ravaged the island. “Hopefully, it’ll get better, but it’s going to be different”. Most food stores and restaurants remain closed.

Regina Hernandez delivered a couple of loads, hopeful it helps those in need on the island where food, water, fuel, and electricity are scarce.

The few that are open have limited hours and long lines outside. Drinking water is nowhere to be found. Those who would like to send essential items such as batteries, flashlights and non-perishable food items like powdered milk directly to the center can mail small packages – emphasis on the “small” – to Centro Comunitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico, Attn.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello said Monday that some ports will reopen and that will help commerce. “We need more help with people being deployed so that we can get logistical support elsewhere”, he said on a television show Tuesday morning, “and we need Congress to take action so that we can have an aid package that is real for the American citizens that live in Puerto Rico”.

CenterLink has set up a fundraising page through which people can make donations and funds collected through the campaign will go to the Centro Comunitario to help them “provide relief efforts to the community they serve”.

Hispanic leaders in Westchester say they recently met with FEMA representatives, demanding more be done for Puerto Ricans. “The only message I received [from my dad] said ‘I’m scared.’ And when you hear your dad say that, you feel it”.

“It’s very frightening knowing that I can’t, you know, hear from my immediate family members”, he said.

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