Cancer fraud Belle Gibson handed huge fine

But her lie began to unravel when it emerged she had failed to donate the profits as promised and her friends also questioned her diagnosis.

The disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson has been ordered by the federal court in Melbourne to repay A$410,000 to the state of Victoria.

A$150,000 fine for her Schwarz family app donation claims.

After suspicions were aroused, the Aussie eventually admitted her cancer claims were untrue and she had made it all up.

The huge fine is nowhere near the maximum penalty she could have faced – £590,000 ( $1.1 million).

Consumer Affairs Victoria launched legal action against Gibson in May 2016, alleging false and misleading conduct in relation to her health and unlawful fundraising appeals in 2013 and 2014.

“Thank you for the update”.

Ms Gibson built a social media empire off claims she had cured her cancer with Ayurvedic medicine, oxygen therapy and a gluten and refined sugar-free diet.

“I note also that Ms Gibson has already been ordered to pay a percentage of the director’s [of Consumer Affairs Victoria] legal costs of this proceeding, fixed at $30,000”, Mortimer’s judgment read.

A$30,000 fine for Mother’s Day event donation claims. Confirming receipt of your email.

She added: “In that way, some good might still come for the vulnerable people, and the organisations supporting them, which were indirectly drawn into this unconscionable sequence of events”.

Justice Mortimer said she had “sought to use the tragic terminal illness of a young boy for her own selfish purposes”.

Ms Gibson’s app and cookbook, both called The Whole Pantry, made A$420,000, and she had promised to deliver a share of the profits to several charities.

“Her “pitch” overwhelmingly used groups likely to evoke sympathy due to their vulnerabilities – young girls, asylum seekers, sick children”, Justice Debbie Mortimer said in March.

The judge singled out Gibson’s deceit of a family with a son suffering from brain cancer, as “particularly disgraceful”.

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