Microsoft Ignite 2017: Everything that was just announced

Microsoft is adding to its AI development tool stable with new Azure Machine Learning tools.

Advances in artificial intelligence should be used to help humans and machines work together, rather than to create competition between them in everything from chess matches to the job market, Microsoft Corp. Current Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella can’t explain it either, responding to the question of “could you explain quantum computing in one sentence” in the same interview that “I don’t think so”.

There are two new tiers of the platform; 365 Education and 365 F1.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) kicks off its Ignite conference today in Orlando, Florida with some major announcements.

Given that we’re talking Microsoft here, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is also working with partners like Commvault, Veritas, NetApp, Avid, Rubrik and CloudLanes, who will all integrate their services with the Data Box.

Microsoft describes the language as assisting it on its “path to building the first topological qubit, a robust type of quantum bit that …will serve as the basis for a scalable, general objective quantum computer system – and mark a profound breakthrough in the field of quantum physics”. One of Microsoft’s legacy problems is how to integrate the old on-premises world of Windows domains, Group Policy, and System Center management with the new cloud world of Office 365, Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility plus Security (EMS), which treats PCs more like handheld devices to be configured. The tools will be available for free by year’s end, Microsoft said. At the time, the company unveiled two versions of Microsoft 365: Enterprise and Business.

Furthermore, fresh offerings include new commercial Windows 10 S devices from HP, Lenovo, Acer and Fujitsu, alongside the new “vision for intelligent communications”, including plans to bring Skype for Business Online capabilities into Microsoft Teams, along with cognitive and data services, making Teams a hub for teamwork in Office 365, including persistent chat, voice and video.

This new experience is rolling out now for first release customers in Outlook Web Access, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft 365 is coming to firstline workers worldwide, along with less expensive Windows 10 S devices, Nadella said.

New capabilities in Microsoft 365 F1 include updates to Windows 10 that improve the deployment and management of remote devices, along with capabilities for configuring locked down, single goal experiences.

Finally, we’re told SQL Server 2017 will be generally available on October 2, for Linux, Docker and Windows, with a graph engine, automatic tuning, and other bits and pieces.

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