DirecTV allowing National Football League refunds around player protests

Subscribers to AT&T Inc.’s DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket who want to cancel the service because of football players’ national anthem protests can get refunds, according to customer service representatives. Nearly all of the league’s owners responded with statements saying they understood the protests, as players and executives went as far as to coordinate their actions.

Once the season starts, fans usually are stuck with their subscription, but AT&T, which owns DirecTV, made a decision to change the policy due to the sensitivity of topic.

Refunds typically aren’t given to customers once the season has started.

Despite the varying stories from the customer service representatives, DirecTV customers claimed that they were able to cancel their packages hassle-free. Marc Hoffman said he received a full refund after complaining about players kneeling, and Chris Baker said he canceled it because the games were becoming too political. “I know their guidelines, I just wanted to make a point”.

Players were emboldened after being challenged by President Donald Trump, who Friday night at a speech in Alabama, encouraged NFL owners to “fire” players who didn’t stand for the national anthem.

The high number of Anthem protests is due to Donald Trump’s comments about “son of a bitch” National Football League players disrespecting the American Flag by kneeling during it and how they should be fired as a result. Hundreds of players kneeled the Sunday after, sparking a wave of protests that show no signs of slowing down.

DirecTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Alvarado said the policy change happened overnight.

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