15 dead and 20 missing on Dominica after Hurricane Maria

Brice and Co. Managing Director Eaton Jn Baptiste said that management and staff shared in the pain, loss and devastation with our sister island of Dominica. Here’s everything we know about it.

Hurricane Irma triggered payouts for several countries earlier this month.

The latest hurricane has produced devastating winds of over 160mph.

Initial reports from United Kingdom aid teams that have arrived in Dominica suggest 90% of buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

Maria has been blamed for at least 33 deaths, including 15 in Dominica, three in Haiti, two in Guadeloupe and at least ten in Puerto Rico.

Fierce winds and driving rain lashed the mountainous island for hours.

The individual making the call for Skerrit’s demise, also made reference to his administration’s style of governance and said nothing was done to help the people of Dominica prior to the hurricane, such as building of dams and setting up facilities for water storage among other things.

He said in a Facebook post: “The winds have swept away the roofs of nearly every person I have spoken to or otherwise made contact with”.

At least 15 people were killed on the island, with six deaths elsewhere in the Caribbean as the storm continued its destructive path north on Friday, September 22.

Authorities rescued almost 700 people from high waters.

The Antigua and Barbuda government, which says Barbuda is uninhabitable following Irma’s hit, got US$6,794,875; Anguilla received US$6,687,923 in total under its tropical cyclone and parametric excess rainfall policies; St Kitts and Nevis got US$2,294,603; and US$14,864,633 was paid to the Turks and Caicos Islands under its tropical cyclone and parametric excess rainfall policies.

Uprooted trees and widespread flooding blocked many highways and streets across the island of 3.4 million, creating a maze that forced drivers to go against traffic and past police cars that used loudspeakers to warn people they must respect a 6pm to 6am curfew imposed by the governor.

Communications were lost with the boat near Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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