The Face Shape of a Person Can Show Infidelity and Sex Drive

Men and women with a high FWHR (therefore, square and wide faces) reported a greater sex drive than others.

The research also revealed that men with a higher FWHR were more casual about unattached sex, and that there was a correlation between men with a higher FWHR and being open to cheating.

In the first examination, they assessed 145 heterosexual men in undergraduate school by measuring their faces and FWHR, the width of the face divided by the height of the upper face. Individuals with higher FWHR, or those whose faces are wider, shorter and have more square, tend to report a higher sex drive. It has been seen that among non-human primates such as apes too high FWHR is linked to assertiveness and dominance.

Arnocky and his colleagues in this study write that this was a result of two separate studies conducted among students.

For the first study, more than 140 students provided a facial photograph and answered questionnaires about their interpersonal and social behavior.

However, it also mentions that a recent analysis of a larger sample of men “detected no significant relation between men’s testosterone concentrations, or testosterone reactivity following competition”. The authors define “sex drive” as “strength of one’s sexual motivation” that serves to “promote mating and sexual behavior” and is a marker for that animal’s “reproductive fitness”.

The participants used Likert-type scales to say how often they had sexual desire, how often they experienced orgasm and masturbate in the average month, and how they would compare their own level of sex drive with that of the average person according to their gender and age. The Sex drive Questionnaire (SDQ) was used as a tool for measurement of the sex drives and sexual attitudes and behaviors. Individuals with restricticted orientation are generally uncomfortable about the idea of casual sex or sex outside of a relationship. Sex drive and these additional variables can be related to one another but have different meanings.

If you have a higher sex drive than your partner, it might have to do with the size and shape of your face. The study finds that those men and women who have shorter and wider faces are more motivated sexually than others. What the evidence reveals is that the face structure predicts a person’s sex drive, their attitude towards monogamy, and intentions of committing infidelity. They also suggest future research to reveal whether these results remain throughout adulthood or are exclusive to college life.

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