Russian cannibal family confesses to killing and eating 30 people

A man aged 35 named as Dmitry Bakshaev from Krasnodar in southern Russian Federation was identified as having told interrogators he began his macabre reign of terror in 1999.

Metro reports that Dmitry Bakshaev, 35, reportedly told police he began killing people, storing their body parts, and eating them at some point in 1999.

They stored the remains in a fridge and also preserved them in jars as a pickle, the investigators said.

Police have found body parts including meat and skin throughout the house in southern Russian Federation. The following day the remains of the body were found on the territory of an aviation school.

Along with seven packages of frozen human remains, authorities found human skin and skulls, and a bucket of body parts.

After police found the body of a woman who worked at a military academy with the couple, both husband and wife were arrested.

Another bag was filled with the dead woman’s possessions.

The crime was disclosed on September 11, when a group of labor workers found a cell phone which contained selfies of the cannibals with female body parts.

The pair are said to have used a drug to knock their victims out and people complained that they could smell it outside their room in a hostel at the military academy, according to neighbours.

Natalia Smyatskaya, senior assistant to the head of Krasnodar Investigative Committee confirmed that the pictured dead woman had been identified.

However, her name was not revealed.

She was 35, and had came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov region.

A criminal investigation has been opened.

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