Murdered Iana Kasian Was Bitten, Scalped and Drained Of Blood

A man is blamed for removing his model sweetheart’s scalp, detaching parts of her face, gnawing her jaw, and emptying all the blood out of her body, as indicated by a nerve racking post-mortem examination report. According to the Los Angeles cops, Kasian was tortured and murdered by her boyfriend, Blake Leibel, 36 years old, who pleaded as not guilty.

In May 2016, 30-year-old Iana Kasian was found dead inside of her condominium.

Leibel, the son of wealthy Canadian real estate tycoon and Olympic sailor Lorne Leibel, has since been charged with her murder.

Now, results from her autopsy reveal disturbing details about her violent death.

Blake Leibel (left, seen in 2015) has been charged in relation to the brutal murder of girlfriend Iana Kasian (right).

Kasian’s body had been found at the couple’s home in West Hollywood, California, next to her unharmed 2-month-old baby.

Kasian’s body was additionally depleted of blood, reflecting subtle elements in Leibel’s book “Disorder”, which opens with flashbacks of a serial executioner slicing a few’s throats and depleting them of blood.

Her scalp was never found. He is a graphic novelist, writer and director, according to various outlets. The report indicates the scalp had been cut at the back of her head, but in other areas it appeared to have been ripped away.

Dr James Ribe, of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, gave a harrowing description of Ms Kasian’s death in an autopsy report.

The right side of her face, including her ear, was torn off and she appeared to have human teeth marks on her jaw, the autopsy stated.

Kasian was not the alleged rape victim, but she moved out of their home, only to return to the apartment to talk to Leibel, according to the National Post.

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