Italian Air Force Test Pilot Perishes In Mishap At Terracina Air Show

An Italian Air Force pilot is dead after his Typhoon fighter crashed in the ocean during an air show near Rome on Sunday.

The Eurofighter jet was flying over the sea before Terracina, a town lying some 110 km south of the Italian capital, when it suddenly plunged into the sea, Xinhua reported.

It slammed into the water just a few hundred metres offshore, sending up a huge plume of smoke and spray upon impact.

The 36-year-old airman’s body was discovered around one and-a-half hours following the deadly crash, local media reports.

The rest of the Terracina Air Show – which was to have featured Italy’s famed Frecce Tricolore squad – was cancelled.

An investigation has opened into the cause. Out of respect for Orlandi and his family did not include links to any of the crash video clips, but they’re easy enough to find.

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