French tourist saves bus from mountain plunge

A French tourist has saved 22 people in the austrian Alps in managing to stop in at the last moment a auto that was going to fall in a precipice after a discomfort of its operator, has announced the police on Sunday.

A French tourist is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of more than 20 passengers of a bus travelling through the mountains in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria.

The passenger dashed forward and applied the brakes.

Police said 10 people needed medical help, with four later taken to hospital.

The bus, carrying 22 people, was about to fall off a 330ft precipice near the Austrian city of Schwaz after its driver fell ill and collapsed. The vehicle crashed through a guardrail but came to a stop hanging partly over the edge.

Police said that the bus was a “hair’s breath from tragedy”.

The man, 65-year-old, who was part of a group of 21 French tourists, was sitting in the first row of the bus. Almost five tourists were killed in an accident in 2004 when a bus veered off road and fell down a 30m embankment near the village of Bad D├╝rrnberg, south of Salzburg.

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