Best Line Since “We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes”

Unlike the U.S. and Israel, Korea has not been at war since 1953. He also announced China’s commitment to hit Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un and his communist nation with a significant financial blow.

Analysts and governments alike were left pondering whether the US President had just codified a new Trump Doctrine, and what turbulence that means for the world.

If any country needs rigorous supervision of its arsenal, it is the United States, given its record of use of the atom bomb twice and its current public threats to use nuclear weapons against North Korea.

Stalin was, in fact, quite cautious about going to war, and only initiated hostilities in one limited (though outrageous) incursion in Finland when most of the rest of Europe was already at war in 1939.

“Why didn’t we do this about eight or 10 years ago?” the foreign relations expert posed. If it does not, the semi-manageable nuclear club we have known will before long become a nuclear-weaponized playpen infested by terminally unsafe psychopaths.

Since Mr. Polanyi asked me, I expressed my belief that Mr. Trump will destroy North Koreas artillery batteries directed at Seoul, the enormous capital of South Korea, and all aspects of its nuclear program, by a preemptive conventional strike of air, sea and ground-launched missiles and large precision bombs.

“There was a lot of discussion in the Bush administration about sanctions, but (there was) a lot of opposition to really squeezing North Korea”, Bolton said.

Regarding the Obama administration’s refusal to act, he said Obama simply had no interest in getting tough against the communist regime. The British and French agreed that the Budapest guaranty of Ukraines security had been violated by Russian Federation, but the Obama administration waffled. “That’s a synonym for doing nothing, and the North Koreans took advantage of it”.

In his speech, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said Trump had “turned the White House into a noisy marketing place”, and that he had “tried to turn the United Nations arena into a gangsters’ nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day”.

Trump’s aggressive strategy looks like it pressured China into finally do something against its risky neighbor to the east.

Still, there is no guarantee as to what China will end up doing. “God knows how many banks there are and how many new banks can be created that might be able to facilitate North Korean trade, for example, with Iran”.

President Trump made no policy proposals or strategies to resolve any of the world’s current crises nor offered any vision for the future of the world as one might expect the “leader of the free world” to do. And he offered a bombastic threat that if North Korea attacks the USA or its allies, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy” it.

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself”, the president stated in a General Assembly address Tuesday.

I heard Trump complain that the UN Human Rights Commission had as members countries with the worst human rights records of our time, and I wondered if he was talking about the United States.

My view is that the entire non-proliferation regime has been a fraud from the start. Hence, Pyongyang’s frantic pursuit of a nuclear strike capability that, if not matching USA power, could at least retaliate to considerably hurt America. Various commentators noted that Trump’s war like tone ran counter to the very objective of the United Nations as the forum for negotiations and peace. His domestic critics (and the Canadian press for all they count in this) claimed to believe Mr. Trump was also threatening to kill the entire population of North Korea. “All in all, I think it’s the right thing for the president to do”. If this is not imposing Washington’s will on other countries, what is? This will be verified by a porous inspection system that in fact enables Iran to take the step across the threshold of the club anytime it chooses. Already, commentators are pointing out that if the U.S., which led the way under President Barack Obama in negotiating the treaty, now backs out of the treaty, countries like North Korea would immediately feel justified in not trusting the United States in any nuclear arms negotiations.

With that said, the pressure is now on Trump to get the US out of Obama’s failed deal with the terrorist-supporting Islamic Republic – fast. He said the Iran nuclear deal was “an embarrassment” and its regional actions were a “scourge”, but he didn’t say he would tear up the deal. Indeed, much of his audience of world leaders would have presumed that all this bombast was not actually for them but for his narrow, closest, political constituency back in the US. The U.N. speech, especially its repeated emphasis on the U.N. itself, struck me as the worldwide version of his rebranding.

“[President Trump gave] one of the best speeches [to the U.N.] ever”, Graham insisted, according to CBN News.

Then we had the US President Donald Trump, who threw diplomacy to the winds, reaffirmed his pledge of implementing an “America First” policy and threatened countries selected to be a new “axis of evil”.

“It made you proud to be an American”, Graham posted on his Facebook page. And once it does, China will dominate and shape the United Nations – and the global agenda – just as America has done for seven decades.

USA and European officials involved in the negotiations say that if it had encompassed too many aspects of Iran’s behavior, an agreement would never have been reached. The idea is to put America first and act in our own self-interest, cooperating where we can to resolve world problems but never ceding our sovereignty to a deeply flawed global organization. “Our obligation is to Americans, but American ideals and exceptionalism should continue to shine as the great beacon of hope to all those who live under the scourge of socialist and communist regimes”. But, he warned our enemies their belligerence will no longer be tolerated. Yet Trump described the U.S., universally regarded as the greatest threat to the world, as the great protector of peace.

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