Atio’s parents, Solano did not meet at MPD

Lacson conceded that one criticism against the present law is that it does not prohibit initiation rites per se, but only imposes restrictions on physical hazing.

“That is the problem (they have not given their affidavits yet) and I am not sure if they would return to the DOJ because they are afraid and that there were threats against their lives…”

These include answers on who called Solano to bring Castillo to the Chinese General Hospital, who planned the welcoming rites, and who were present at the event. “While the second witness, who was being recruited, went to my office”, Aguirre added.

The Secretary has created hotline number ‎‎0995 442 9241. for any information on Castillo’s death. This person knows the initiation rites that were done on Castillo…

Aguirre said fraternity groups should register with their schools and inform the latter of the details of their rites – when and where the initiations are to be held and who the participants are to avoid or minimize untoward consequences.

Parents of hazing victim Horacio Castillo III faced the primary suspect in their son’s killing for the first time on Sunday.

Aguirre said the neophytes are “being kept against their will so that they won’t reveal what they know of the incident”.

Solano, a member of Aegis Juris who brought Castillo to a hospital last September 17, earlier surrendered to the police after being tagged as primary suspect in the hazing.

In an interview on radio dzBB, Lacson said Solano, who had surrendered to him, said Castillo was “half dead” when he rushed him to hospital.

The police said so far there are nine suspects in the case.

According to MPD District Director Coronel, the Trangias and John Paul Soriano remain three among the principal suspects in the case.

He said they have also invited UST Law dean Nilo Divina to appear at the hearing to shed light on the hazing activities of the Aegis Juris fraternity.

Lacson said Solano and the other suspects in the hazing may invoke their right against self-incrimination at the Senate hearing. “In the experience of VACC, about 80 percent of the cases of slain hazing victims we handled were dismissed”, Jimenez told reporters in Filipino at Castillo’s wake.

“So his fingerprints and mug shots were taken by the police”.

Lacson said it is also worthy to ask whether the existence of fraternities and sororities is healthy for the country’s justice system.

Initiation rites are needed to form “bondship” and instill discipline among members of a fraternity organization, Sen. Solano claimed that he was not present during the hazing and that he was only called to render medical assistance to Castillo.

“Locating them has become hard”, because of the suspension from law school, but Coronel said they expected to “make arrests again”. I have received reports that many influential people are intervening here.

Solano, a certified medical technologist, has denied taking part in the hazing last September 16 and claimed he was only called by frat brothers to revive the already “half dead” Castillo at their fraternity library on Laong Laan street in Sampaloc near UST campus.

Antonio is the father of Ralph, one of the subjects in the ILBO.

Coronel said Trangia, the owner of the vehicle used to bring the victim to the hospital, has sent feelers to facilitate his surrender together with the vehicle. The younger Trangia has fled the country. “But they will definitely meet at the Senate hearing (today)”, MPD director Senior Supt. Joel Coronel said Ralph’s parents could face charges.

Trangia’s mother may also be charged if evidence shows she participated or collaborated in the escape of her son, Coronel said.

No look-out bulletin had been issued yet against Trangia at the time.

“Most of the suspects are hiding with the assistance and aid of other, mostly frat members. Just like in any other fraternity, they have a Code of Silence”, he said. But during our time, we are given more hard physical exercises. The MPD chief said they are giving him until Sunday, September 24, to do so. He did not identify them, however.

Solano was earlier reported to be a “good samaritan” who found Catillo in Tondo, Manila and brought him to hospital, but his story was disputed by barangay officials in the area where he said he found the body.

Also on Sunday, an official from the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) said hazing should be banned. “Because it’s sweeter when you get recognized after going through something risky”, Lacson said in a radio DZBB interview.

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