Israeli Defense Minister on Iran: “They must not have nuclear weapons”

On Sunday Israel roundly condemned Iran’s latest ballistic missile test, which took place last week, calling it a “provocation” and warning it was a violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231.

President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally for Senator Luther Strange at the Von Braun Centre in Huntsville, Alabama, U.S. September 22, 2017.

“We do not forget for one minute that Iran continues to threaten Israel’s destruction every day; it is arming terrorist organizations and is itself instigating terrorism; and it is developing intercontinental missiles with the goal of arming them with nuclear warheads”.

The IRGC and the volunteer militia Basij forces participated in the parade.

“We will increase our military power as a deterrent”.

Tehran has backed Yemen’s Shiite rebels known as Houthis against a US -supported and Saudi-led coalition of mostly Arab states that seeks to return the internationally elected government to power in Yemen.

Russian Federation is reported to have rejected a request from Jerusalem for a 60-kilometer buffer zone between the Golan Heights and any Iranian-backed militias in Syria, only agreeing to make sure that no Shi’ite fighter will come closer than 5 kilometers from Israel.

Trump told world leaders gathered in NY for the annual UN General Assembly that the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran was “an embarrassment” and “one of the worst” deals the US had ever made. Iranian television broadcast a test of the Iranian missile Jorramshahr that is able to carry several warheads, as part of its defensive and deterrent policy.

Rouhani afterward told a news conference that the Trump administration is seeking “an excuse” to pull out of the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement that capped Iran’s nuclear activities in return for the lifting of global sanctions on Iran.

The Khorramshahr rocket was shown at a military parade in Tehran on Friday. “Iran is already in advanced stages of taking over Iraq and Yemen, and in effect it also controls Lebanon”.

The agreement permits Iran to use nuclear power for civil purposes, but not for weapons.

Iranian officials have argued that the measure only applies to missiles specifically created to carry nuclear warheads.

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