Jimmy Kimmel Urges Defeat of GOP Health Bill for 3rd Straight Night

“He has only heard from those on the left who are doing their best to preserve Obamacare”, he said. “We’ve not spoken. I would love to talk to him about this”. “I hope your son gets all the care he needs”, Kilmeade said, addressing Kimmel directly.

Rob Burnett, filmmaker and former executive producer of David Letterman’s “Late Show”, said Kimmel’s monologues were some of the most important things he’s ever seen in late-night television. “There’s a tension – how do you pay for it without breaking the bank and how do you take care of those providing insurance?”

In his response Wednesday night, Kimmel rattled off a list of more than a dozen groups including the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Cancer Society, all of which agree with Kimmel’s assessment of the bill, and compared the legislation to a coffee shop that will allow customers to buy coffee-but won’t guarantee that its cups will hold the coffee.

Cassidy went on CNN Wednesday morning and said of Kimmel’s initial remarks, “I’m sorry he does not understand [the bill]”.

As Republican Senators Graham and Cassidy try and sell America, or at least fellow Republicans, on their latest bill which would replace the Affordable Care Act, Kimmel called out Cassidy for lying to him. Kimmel said the G.O.P. proposal does not pass the “Jimmy Kimmel Test” that the senator coined and outlined on the late-night program in May.

Two: The “Jimmy Kimmel test” is in keeping with Cassidy’s wider view of health-care reform, but that view isn’t shared by many members of his own party.

After restating his feelings on the new bill, Kimmel asked, “Oh I get it, I don’t understand because I’m a talk show host right?” Which part don’t I understand?

The talk show host on Wednesday doubled down on his criticism of GOP Sen.

According to Kimmel’s assessment, the bill – co-authored by Cassidy and Sen. The Tuesday night monologue went viral and got around-the-clock coverage on cable news networks. Maybe I don’t understand the part of your bill in which federal spending disappears completely after 2026?

And the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities noted that the block grants that will be doled out to states to replace the ACA’s marketplace subsidies and Medicaid expansion are not only insufficient, but also temporary.

And for those confused, as Kimmel was initially, about what the new bill stipulates, the host has a simple coffee barista sketch to boil down the big points. Graham and Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, who had issues with his previous remarks on the bill.

“The reason I found this comment to be particularly annoying is because this is a guy, Brian Kilmeade, who whenever I see him kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman”, Kimmel said. “He’s dying to be a member of the “Hollywood elite.’ The only reason he’s not a member of the ‘Hollywood elite” is that no one will hire him to be one!” Sadly, the bill he unveiled last week with Sen. Can you imagine Donald Trump sitting down to read a health-care bill? The Democrats should just rename it Ivankacare, guaranteed he gets on board.

“Which part of that am I not understanding?” pressed Kimmel.

What Kimmel did “would be grassroots lobbying”, said Sam Kazman an attorney with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “but this activity by itself would be pretty small in scope, so it would probably not by itself cause them trouble”. “It just doesn’t compute, you know?”

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