Yiannopoulos’ Planned ‘Free Speech Week’ Appears To Implode Spectacularly

The series of events was sponsored by UC Berkeley’s campus conservative newsletter The Daily Patriot, but Patriot staff missed a number of key deadlines for informing the university about “Free Speech Week” and its speakers.

“I don’t want a bill that once again perpetuates the idea that everyone is violent that is anti-fascist”.

Underscoring the tumultuous nature of the preparations was an email sent by Yiannopoulos’ organization Monday telling scheduled speakers that it would make all their travel arrangements for the planned four-day event, but wouldn’t book the flights and hotel rooms until 48 hours before their speaking dates to avoid disruptions.

Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley spokesman, said that officials are going ahead with planning Free Speech Week between September 24 and September 27.

This isn’t the first time the ASUC has condemned conservative speakers, coming shortly after the body rebuked the school for using university resources to protect Ben Shapiro at his recent event.

On “Fox & Friends” today, Naweed Thomas, a member of the Berkeley College Republicans and a Campus Reform correspondent, said the Berkeley administration brought this on themselves by not taking a stand when “leftist criminals” engaged in violence in the past.

“There are mixed feelings about…”

“Generalizations are really risky”, she remarked.

“I’m always amazed”, she said to fellow host Jessica Tarlov, “by this idea that somehow the university which is supposed to really be a conduit, a diversity of thought and ideas, there is a total intolerance for anything that doesn’t fit into their little box of what they think is right”.

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