Tillerson: US Secretary of State has no plans to resign

Less than a year into the job, many experts already call Rex Tillerson one of the worst secretaries of state of all time – if not the worst. DOJ investigating Equifax stock sales Top US security official targeted in Cuba Embassy covert attacks: report Trump adviser tells foreign officials no change on Paris climate deal MORE’s job, Haley said that she’s focused on “trying to do a good job” at the United Nations. “Ever since I was a legislator, people have talked about what I am trying to do and supposed to do”, said the former South Carolina governor and member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Haley, asked by a reporter if she wants to be secretary of state during a news conference at the UN General Assembly in NY, responded, “No, I do not”.

“What I’m trying to do is do a good job and I’m trying to be responsible in my job and I’m trying to make sure that I inform the American people of everything that I know”.

“He will go down as the worst secretary of state in history”, Goldenberg said.

Haley was a candidate for secretary of state and met with Trump about the post before ultimately withdrawing from consideration. “I just thought he could find someone better”. She has taken on a leadership role at the U.N.in mobilizing the worldwide community into enacting sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear activity.

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