NKorea Defector Details Kim’s Executions, Teen Sex Slavery

She said she was taken out of class one day, not long after Kim Jong-un succeeded his father, to witness the public murder of 11 North Korean musicians accused of making a pornographic video. “He earned next to nothing, she said, “but he received bribes all the time because of his position”. FOX News cited Hee Yeon as stating, “Despite our privilege we were scared”.

“They have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear”.

“I saw awful things in Pyongyang” – including the public execution of 11 North Korean musicians accused of making a pornographic video, she told the Mirror. “Their bodies were blown to bits”, she added.

Hee claimed supreme leader Kim forces those in the walled-off country’s “upper-class elite” to watch executions, and said she was witness to a mass execution of 11 musicians who were put to death by an anti-aircraft gun shortly after Kim took over for his late father Kim Jong Il in 2011.

“Any attack on Guam, I want Kim Jong-un to know that would probably mena the destruction of North Korea,”he said”.

The US State Department report said North Korea now has an estimated 80,000-120,000 political prisoners. Like many officials, her father supplemented his 40-cent-a-month wage with bribes.

Her father’s income, the Mirror noted, was “meager”. According to Human Rights Watch, “Ordinary North Korean workers, both men and unmarried women, are required to work at government-assigned enterprises”. This week, South Korea reported a recent 12.7 percent decrease in the number of defectors leaving the North to the South between January and August of this year, with 780 fleeing compared to 1,417 throughout 2016.

What is more, despite the poverty that the 25 million or so North Koreans live in, Kim apparently hides out in “exquisite bolt-holes” which come with swimming pools, handsome gardens and fountains.

She told The Mirror, how officials came to her school to pick out teen girls with “straight legs” to work at the chubby dictator’s homes.

“They learn to serve him food like caviar and extremely rare delicacies”.

But Ms Hee Yeon said his cruelty isn’t just saved for disloyalty, and that he also keeps teenage sex slaves. Nevertheless, millions of North Koreans are starving, and experience starvation at times, the Mirror reported, many people are forced to eat bark or grass.

She noted that growing up, she was told that Kim was “like a god”, but when she met him, she found him “terrifying, really scary, nothing god-like about him”. Under Kim Jong Un, the country’s nuclear ambitions have progressed, with the sixth nuclear test in September this year.

Kim Jong-un has threatened to fire missiles at the island of Guam, where the United States has its foothold in the Pacific Ocean – a key strategic location.

She said: “I have never felt so happy as I felt when I got out”.

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