Bose SoundSport Free earbuds want you to ditch your AirPods

Apple has managed to change the way we look at headphones with the advent of its AirPods.

Since the launch of AirPods the competition for bringing a true wireless headphone to the market has become fierce.

Bose is looking to break into the realm of the “truly wireless” today by introducing its new SoundSport Free earbuds. One of the better features on the Bose models are rubberized cups to hold the buds securely in your ears and minimize external noise – something AirPods lack. The earbuds are also created to resist water and sweat thanks to the IPX4 rating, so yo can wear them during your workouts without worrying that the more active you are the bigger the chance is that the earbuds might get damaged.

Your pair also comes with a charging case for fueling on the go.

Weighing just 0.35 ounces and measuring 1.1 inches high and 1.2 inches deep the Bose SoundSport Free have a connection range of 30 feet and can provide continual playback for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

SoundSport Free headphones provide a superior combination of quality of sound and materials. Bose also boasts a strong connection between your phone, and the earbuds, and states that it won’t matter if you keep your phone in your pocket or your gym bag, suggesting that a connection shouldn’t drop or decrease in strength regardless of whether or not there is a barrier between the two.

The SoundSport Free are available for pre-orders but it won’t start shipping until October. Initially it’ll only be available in black, but if you want the snazzier-sounding Midnight Blue with Yellow Citron, you’ll have to wait longer (no word on when).

That said, don’t be fooled by this product’s name: The SoundSport Free is expensive. It is priced at $249.99, which is nearly $90 costlier than the AirPods.

SoundSport has some tempting features that set it apart from competitors.

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