Wheaton College football players charged in hazing turn themselves in

Five football players facing felony charges at a Christian college in suburban Chicago went well beyond hazing and into criminal territory when they allegedly duct-taped, beat and threatened to sodomize a teen freshman previous year, the victim’s attorney said Tuesday.

Kregel turned himself into police Tuesday afternoon. Noah Spielman, a senior from OH, and the son of former National Football League linebacker Chris Spielman, turned himself in later Tuesday. Both were found by classmates of the second player. However, earlier in the day, his attorneys released a statement claiming his innocence.

Among the five players charged is Noah Spielman, the 21-year-old son of former Ohio State standout Chris Spielman, who’s now a broadcaster for FOX. Cooksey, Pettway, and TeBos were expected to turn themselves in later this week.

The victim told investigators his attackers duct-taped his hands and feet, put a pillowcase on his head, threw him in a vehicle, attempted to sodomize him with an object, took his phone and dumped him half-naked in an off-campus park.

“The one thing these boys did was they put the fear of God into him”.

“He was scared out of his mind”, Ekl said. “They tore both his labrums in his two shoulders”.

About 10 p.m., the injured player had been in a dorm watching television when the senior football players tackled him, bound his legs and wrists with duct tape, put a pillow case over his head and placed him in the back seat of a vehicle, police said.

Don’t worry, though, Wheaton College wants you to know that they took care of it, even though all five players were on the roster for last weekend’s game and three played. Ekl said he is only aware of an NCAA punishment against the accused, which amounted to community service and writing an essay.

“I question at this point whether the school handled this in an appropriate and serious manner or whether this was something they just wanted to go away”, Ekl told ABC7.

“If people believe there’s a coverup, they’re misinformed”, he said.

“That’s not hazing”, Ekl said. An attorney for the Ohio State linebacking great said the family is surprised by the charges and called the allegations against his son “inaccurate and sensationalized”. Police said he had a “much different experience” than the player who was hospitalized, a 19-year-old transfer student from IN, police told the Daily Herald. “And we will try the case in court”, said Christine Field, Kregel’s Attorney.

Wheaton College has one of the top-ranked Division 3 football programs in the nation.

“Wheaton College aspires to provide an educational environment that is not only free of hazing, but practices our values as a Christian community”.

The school released a statement this week saying it is “deeply troubled” and has hired a third-party to conduct an investigation.

The college withheld the details of its discipline, citing federal student privacy protections, but said the board of trustees launched a review of its anti-hazing policy.

The seniors played music in the vehicle that suggested the freshman had been taken by foreign extremists who planned to sexually violate him, according to Terry Ekl, the injured player’s attorney.

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