Video Of Kenneka Jenkins Walking Into Hotel Freezer Doesn’t Exist

Her body was found about 24 hours later, and police have told family members it appears Jenkins inadvertently caused her own death by getting trapped inside.

Jenkins was found in the walk-in freezer at the hotel where she and some friends went for a party.

Michael McClendon, 45, is now being held on a $500,000 bail for the capital murder of Norma Rae Kakacek, who was found dead of multiple stab wounds and a cut throat after she missed two appointments last Tuesday and failed to show up to work the next day, KDFW reported.

Kenneka Jenkins’ body was found in a hotel freezer.

The Rosemont Police Department has been the focus of social media criticism, with many accusing the department of not investigating Jenkins’ death to the fullest of its ability. Friends and family members continue to have demonstrations outside of the hotel.

“I want to see her literally, actually walking into this freezer”, Martin said last week.

Her body was found in an area where hotel officials say construction work was taking place.

Video timecodes in clips released last week indicate Jenkins roamed the hotel for more than an hour.

The local police department overseeing the investigation into the troubling death of Kenneka Jenkins is refuting reports that the case is now being handled by the FBI.

In part of the footage she is seen stumbling out of an elevator and hitting the wall walking down a walkway.

On Tuesday, attorney Larry Rogers Jr. toured the hotel for about an hour. It appears to show Jenkins sitting on a bed in a hotel room, surrounded by others.

Autopsy and toxicology results have yet to be released.

While the Chief’s statement does shut down recent speculation that the FBI has taken over the investigation completely, he did reveal that Rosemont police have enlisted the help of “outside agencies” in hopes of obtaining as much accurate information as possible.

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