NY broadcaster goes unhinged rant on Eli Manning, Giants

Through their first two games, the Giants “offense” has accounted for just one touchdown and 503 total yards, and their rushing “attack” of 48.5 yards per game is by far the worst in the NFL. “The offensive line sucks”.

Don La Greca is the co-host of “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN Radio who responded to a caller who brought up a widely accepted stat in many sports, Expected Win-Loss Record. Everybody is coming up with these stats.

As the New York Giants enter the third week of the season, there are vast questions and concerns regarding the offensive line, especially given how poorly the tackle positions have played. He mocked those people with a lisp.

“The Pythagorean theorem says that the Giants’ offensive line, their record should be 2-0”, he said before letting out grunts, apparently his impression of what studious football minds sound like.

“I’ve been watching football for 40 years”, he said. “40”.

I’m not much of a math guy myself, but I would really like to know what the Pythagorean theorem ever did to hurt La Greca so bad.

La Greca, a decidedly not-dweeby man who has definitely seen a naked body in person, let loose with an impassioned rant during yesterday’s broadcast. “What is it, the Pythagorean theorem?” And they have not gone this long without scoring 20 points since ’77-78, when Joe Pisarcik was their quarterback.

The Giants are among the worst offenses in the National Football League in many major statistical categories, but we’ll leave it at that in fear that La Greca will come after us.

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