Greenpeace activists board ship carrying thousands of Volkswagen diesel cars

Environmental activists are blocking a cargo ship from unloading Volkswagen Group cars in a protest about air pollution from diesel engines.

The protest saw 40 activists climb Sheerness port’s fences, where the ship is bound for, and have gained access to a vehicle park where several thousand VWs are awaiting distribution to suppliers.

They were attempting to immobilize the vehicles by removing the keys.

“It’s been exactly two years since we found out VW had been cheating and lying to sell toxic diesel cars to families”. VW’s polluting vehicles are adding to a public health emergency harming thousands of people.

In September 2015 VW admitted to USA regulators it had there using software installed in as many as 11 million diesel vehicles sold worldwide – the majority of them in Europe.

Reports claim there are thousands of cars on board the ship which was travelling to the United Kingdom, according to RT.

Greenpeace said on its website that the health concerns, combined with the heavy reliance on diesel in Britain, means Volkswagen should develop a plan to end its production of diesel-fueled vehicles.

“The government says we need to wait another 23 years for dirty diesels to be banned”, activist Janet Barker of Wales told the media. So we’re stepping in and seizing all of VW’s diesel cars to stop them harming people’s health and the environment.

The situation is in progress but it is believed that the police are now on the scene to encourage the protesters to leave the port. These areas are restricted to ensure that United Kingdom border security is preserved.

A spokeswoman for Peel Ports, which owns the Port of Sheerness, said, “We can confirm that Greenpeace protesters have illegally entered secure areas of the Port of Sheerness”.

Members of the environmental action group have attempted to board a ship bringing vehicles to the United Kingdom, while others are demonstrating on the shore.

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