Florida driver pulled out of auto, beaten by two women

Two women have been arrested and charged in a road rage incident that left a third woman with a broken nose and other injuries, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Gemberling and Scarduzio got out of their vehicle and approached the open driver’s window. Gemberling and Scarduzio’s vehicle was in the right lane.

Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, 20, and Kelly Lyn Gemberling, 49, are both accused of pulling a woman out of her auto and attacking her during rush hour on Monday.

Alicia Nicole Scarduzio and Shelley Lyn Gemberling.

Detectives say the attackers beat the woman until she lost consciousness. Gemberling and Scarduzio did not stop beating her until a citizen intervened. The other women had their vehicle stopped next to it. The witness also said that Scarduzio hit Bailey multiple times while she was on the ground.

The video shows one of the attackers holding the victim on the pavement and hitting her over and over again. Scarduzio and Gemberling got out of their vehicle and reached into the other woman’s auto through the open driver’s window. “I mean, how would you feel if somebody jumped into your vehicle, slammed it in park while you’re at a light, and then simultaneously another person that’s double and a half your size rips you out by your hair and starts brutally attacking you?” Gemberling allegedly told deputies that Bailey got out of her vehicle and pushed her.

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