Study Ranks Our Community When it Comes to Exercise

Gallup-Sharecare on September 19 released the results of the “State of American Well-Being” survey, in which 189 American communities were ranked based on their 2015 and 2016 exercise rates.

Today, Gallup and Sharecare released their 2016 Community Rankings for Exercise.

With close to 70% of its residents indicating that they have a weekly exercise routine of more than 30 minutes, Boulder, Colorado ranked first.

Time reports they found that 53.4% of Americans “reported exercising three or more times a week, a two percentage point increase from 2008, and a modest increase from more recent years”.

A few urban communities in Colorado and California lead the country in rates of regular exercise, as indicated by another survey. Rounding out the top five were Greeley, Colorado (65 percent), and Santa Rosa, California (62 percent).

Zones with high rates of general exercise additionally had a tendency to have bring down rates of endless conditions and medical issues, including corpulence, diabetes, sorrow, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and heart assault, as per Gallup and Sharecare.

In a separate analysis, researchers at Gallup and Sharecare looked at the overall rate of regular exercise in the United States.

Nearby Fort Collins had 67.9 percent of residents report they exercise regularly. “These communities are creating vibrant, livable, walkable and bikeable public spaces, and are investing in infrastructure that provides safe places to exercise and move naturally”, the report said.

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