See how Rahul Gandhi left experts in the United States impressed

Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday said that dynasty and democracy can not go together as democracy by definition is the will of the people.

Rahul Gandhi at Princeton University: Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi today highlighted issues concerning Sino-India relations, unemployment and job creation, gender parity and PM Modi’s brainchild Make-in-India. He said that Congress should research on ways to run a corruption-free government. Addressing the students, Mr Gandhi charged BJP government with polarising society and instigating identity conflict in order to blame unemployment on minorities, tribals and socially and economically backward communities.

Ever since, Rahul made the remarks, the BJP and the Congress are locked in a vitriolic spat. with The BJP has called him a “failed dynast and politician”, and questioned the propriety of his criticism of the Narendra Modi government on foreign soil. Top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders came out to criticse Gandhi for his Berkley address. According to Gandhi, the pivotal question is how India is giving jobs to its people and if as an emerging country, people are still unemployed it’s hard for them to have vision.

Those who want jobs helped Modi reach where he is, Gandhi said adding that the space for Modi was creating because the Congress “was unable” to deliver on its promise to create jobs.

Participants at these meetings overwhelmingly agreed with Gandhi that the “central challenge” in front of India was jobs and intolerance, and they were generally impressed with his knowledge, clarity of thoughts and candidness.

During his meeting with US Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Thomas J Donohue, Gandhi expressed concern over the inability of the government to create jobs in India, which he felt was leading the country towards a risky situation. The Congress vice-president said that while he believed Make in India is a good idea, it’s targeting is not quite right.

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