Rosenstein quizzed by Mueller over Comey’s firing: What next

As part of the Russian Federation investigation, Mueller’s team is said to be investigating whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice by firing Comey.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was interviewed over former FBI Director James Comey firing in either June or July, suggesting Mueller does not consider the veteran prosecutor a critical witness, the Wall Street Journal reported. Mueller’s team has been looking into whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct justice by firing Comey. It’s also further evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is considering the circumstances surrounding Comey’s firing as part of his investigation.

Rosenstein said the president said he didn’t like Comey and wanted him out, while shrugging off the potential consequences, the anonymous source told the Wall Street Journal.

The office questioned Rosenstein in June or July, after Comey was apparently fired for losing President Trump’s faith in his handling of the probe into possible ties between Russian Federation and the 2016 Trump campaign, according to the Journal.

Meanwhile, the source quoted in the report pointed out that the questioning by investigators of the top DOJ official overseeing the probe is a rare occurrence, but added Rosenstein has no plans to immediately recuse himself. If he were, Rosenstein may have been forced to recuse himself from Russia-related investigative matters – just as Attorney General Jeff Sessions did earlier this year.

This, sources said was an indication Mueller’s office does not view him as a key witness in the obstruction of justice probe.

The White House initially said Trump had acted on the recommendation of Rosenstein, who wrote a scathing memo about Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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