Mum left devastated after secretly filming footage of nanny abusing her daughter

Ms Theron, originally from Zimbabwe, had made a decision to set up a hidden camera when she began to notice bruises on Laila’s neck and arms.

After fixing the cameras without the nanny’s knowledge, she returned home to watch the footage and was shocked by what she saw.

Devastated mum Annemarie told Netwerk24: “It was very emotional watching it”. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterwards. It was very hard to leave each morning to go to work.

“When I saw what she had done to Laila, I cried and cried”, Theron told the Mail.

In a Facebook post, Annemarie apologised to her daughter and thanked family and friends for their support.

The nanny was seen throwing the baby into its cot, then later lifting it out with just one leg like a rag doll.

Mum’s hidden camera ‘catches nanny violently throwing baby into her cot.

The baby’s nanny is facing charges of attempted murder after she was filmed appearing to violently throw her into her cot.

She said: ‘I noticed marks on the balls of her [Laila] feet where the creases are. This was when I started to monitor the situation closely.

‘I didn’t want to be a paranoid first-time mum, and I didn’t want to confront the nanny as I had no proof. In the beginning of September, my husband, Johan was home for two days.

She told Netwerk24: “I chose to install cameras, so that I could see what was happening when I’m not at home”.

Police have since arrested Hoeses on attempted murder charges.

Ho√ęses’ case was postponed to 2 October, and it was ordered that she should remain in police custody in the meantime.

Laila is fine but her mum Annemarie Theron, a marketing manager for a holiday lodge, remains chilled.

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