Duterte admits to faking Trillanes’ alleged Singapore bank accounts

In a television interview, Duterte said he modified the number of Trillanes’ supposed bank account at the Bank of Singapore to “catch” the senator for lying.

“Kinunan ko yan ng number, kita mo ‘di kasing haba … eh, isip isip ko lang, na tanggalan ko ng mga number …”

Trillanes, who went to DBS Bank’s Alexandra branch in Singapore, said: “I was able to belie the claim of Duterte that I have a bank account here”.

In a live interview aired on state-run PTV4, the President confessed that Trillanes’ purported Singapore bank account number he revealed last week was merely a “product of his imagination”.

“Binasa ko, binawasan ko ng number – wala ito, imbento lang (I read, I removed a number – this one I just invented)”.

The senator maintained not just one account in Singapore, the President said.

“There are Singapore banks – account joint with none – plural, not just one”, Duterte said, lashing out the senator for misleading the public and the media over his foreign bank accounts.

MalacaƱang, meanwhile, said authorities have to validate Trillanes’ claims that he has a non-existent bank account in Singapore.

Tulfo, a broadcaster, and Uson, a Palace communications assistant secretary, had posted details of Trillanes’ alleged bank accounts on social media.

After a few minutes of checking, a teller told Trillanes that there was no such account.

“That’s nothing, a mere invention”, the President said.

Trillanes said that he was not able to secure a certification from the bank because he is not and never was a client of the bank.

The President claimed that Trillanes’ DBS Bank account in Singapore had a balance of 193,000.

The account number 0016729915127, they said, had a balance of SGD 278,300 as of August 30, 2017.

He then proceeded to Marina Square along Raffles Boulevard to see if there was a Hongkong Shanghai Bank there and all he found was an ATM of HSBC.

Trillanes earlier said he would file libel charges against Tesiorna, Uson and Tulfo. “The DBS account number 178000296012 in Singapore had a balance of $193,000”, he added.

According to Trillanes, he was told by the DBS branch manager that the account number was erroneous.

He signed and issued a sworn waiver of secrecy of bank deposits for the following banks: Hong Kong Shanghai Bank in Singapore, with account number 0016729915127; UBS Switzerland, in Geneva, Switzerland (94001111520743); Hong Kong Shanghai Bank in New Zealand (00541889230091); Habib A.G. Bank in Zurich, Switzerland (77100801562118); Deutsche Bank S.A.in Geneva, Switzerland (00259955219012); Nova Scotia Bank in Toronto, Canada (1850062105991); ANZ Bank in Auckland, New Zealand (00523896117002); Equitable Bank in Toronto, Canada (0529193002047); DBS Bank in Singapore (1178000281602); UBS Bank in Zurich, Switzerland (9027519921320); CIM Bank in Geneva, Switzerland (70013872117010); and CommerzBank A.G. Bank in Zurich, Switzerland (20093722511301).

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