Canada’s Trudeau says talks on Bombardier dispute will continue

Both leaders are pressing the USA firm to drop its challenge of Bombardier’s C Series program.

“We are not in a position to tell Canada what platform to buy, but to simply champion our Canadian capabilities on procurements”, said CAE president and CEO Marc Parent.

Mrs May also held urgent talks with Mr Trudeau on how to save thousands of jobs in Northern Ireland in a row over an aircraft manufacturer.

Boeing is not suing Canada”.

In April, fellow aerospace manufacturing giant Boeing (based in the USA) complained to U.S. authorities that Bombardier was “dumping” C-Series jets on the United States market – using subsidies from the UK and Canada to unfairly produce its planes at a cut-price rate.

Chicago-based Boeing’s complaint claims Bombardier’s new C Series passenger aircraft receives Canadian government subsidies that give it an advantage internationally.

The case was inspired by the 2016 purchase by Delta Air Lines to buy up to 125 C Series airliners from Bombardier.

Delta ordered the C Series because Boeing stopped making an aircraft of the size Delta needed years ago. CETA, which eliminates 98 percent of Canadian import duties, will be provisionally applied in the European Union starting this Thursday (September 21).

While he refused to put a timescale on it, he added: “We need to respect the EU’s rules with negotiations, but we need to make sure there is an undisturbed transition”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Theresa May walk down the hall of honour on Parliament Hill on September 18, 2017.

“Canadians should have every expectation that when they approach the United States border they will be treated in a consistent, fair, and respectful fashion”, Ralph Goodale said, stressing that the US and Canada are sovereign countries free to write their own laws.

“This is a classic case of dumping and it was made possible by a major injection of public funds”, it said.

Bombardier, a Canadian aerospace firm, has accused Boeing of “pure hypocrisy”. “Boeing’s self-serving actions threaten thousands of aerospace jobs around the world, including thousands of United Kingdom and U.S. jobs and… purchases from the many United Kingdom and USA suppliers”.

On Monday, however, Mr. Trudeau promised to keep up the pressure on Boeing to drop its complaint against Bombardier, using federal contracts as his main bargaining chip. “But who is suffering the most now?” The group includes United Technologies Corp.’s Pratt & Whitney unit, which builds the geared turbofan engines that power the C Series.

Trudeau and May’s last meeting at the G7 was overshadowed by Trump’s wavering on his country’s commitment to the Paris climate accords, the agreement that aims to cut heat-trapping carbon pollution around the world, in a bid to slow risky and destructive climate change.

“This is an issue I have already raised with President Trump and I will of course be raising this with Prime Minister Trudeau as well”, said the Prime Minister.

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