Bald men perceived as more attractive, dominant

If you’re stressing out about going bald, stop – your thinning hair might be doing you a favor.

According to the study, baldness also interestingly appears to make men look taller.

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania has found that guys-especially younger guys-not only find bald guys more attractive, they also find them more dominant and more confident than guys with hair.

The survey results showed that bald men were ranked as the most confident and dominant, and were viewed to be almost an inch taller on average. Oh, and they were viewed as almost an inch taller on average, and a bit stronger as well.

The study authors added a caveat, “Because only their hair was altered in these photographs, other factors can not account for these differences”.

However, in terms of attractiveness, the bald men didn’t fare quite as well, receiving a significantly lower rating than their thick-haired counterparts on the final two tests, according to researchers. “Shaving therefore appears to have complex effects on how men are perceived”.

“Choosing to dispense with one’s hair is arguably a form of nonverbal behavior, a form of expression which communicates information about the self otherwise hard to observe”, the researchers wrote, suggesting that bald men might be more appealing for going against traditional standards of attractiveness.

Furthermore, bald men were perceived to be more successful, financially, and in business. They said this will also tackle the psychological impact associated with natural hair loss.

There’s more bad news, however.

In the first study, men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair.

Researchers found that those who had shaved heads were considered four years older on average.

Well, researchers say, you might consider ditching the Propecia, Rogaine, and the hair plugs and just go with nature.

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