United States opens first military base on Israeli soil

The first permanent USA military base in Israel was dedicated on Monday.

“Due to the close cooperation between us and the American forces in the field of air defense, as well as the extensive experience accumulated by the Aerial Defense Division, it was decided that the first permanent base of the American Army would be established at the School of Air Defense”, Haimovitch said on Monday. High-ranking USA officers attended the dedication ceremony. The Israeli military says the new base sends a message of readiness to Israel’s enemies.

Several dozen American soldiers will be stationed at the base.

The air defense base, which has been planned for the past two years, will be located in the heart of the Negev, within the Israel Air Force Mashabim Air Base, located west of Dimona and Yerucham.

He was evidently referring to the USA soldiers who have been operating the X-Band radar system that the United States deployed in the Negev in 2009. Together with the US, Israel has developed a multilayered system of defenses against everything from long-range guided missile attacks from Iran to crude rockets fired from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The opening of the base comes a week after a new Iron Dome anti-missile battery became operational.

Although the deployment of the equipment is shared with Israel, some of its functions are not, and it was placed here with the agreement that USA personnel would be allowed to control its operation and the data it provides.

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