Philadelphia Eagles’ LeGarrette Blount should feel frustrated, Doug Pederson says

Through two games the Eagles are fifth in the National Football League in yards per game, but 19th in rushing yards.

Darren Sproles carried the ball more than any other Eagles running back.

Pederson’s mentor, Andy Reid had a more respectful 15 runs to 28 pass attempts.

So while much is being made about Blount, specifically, today – this is the part of this post where I eat crow while reminding everyone I wrote that Blount could turn the Eagles into a Super Bowl contender when he was signed – more needs to be made about the total abandonment of the run in the second half of games. You’ve got to use it to at least keep teams semi-honest.

Blount, meanwhile, spoke briefly to media in the visiting locker room at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and tried to shrug off concerns about the game.

“The good thing about it is always you can get better”, Jeffery said. Sproles fumbled on a punt return, but his role is trending up going into Week 3. Sproles, a shiftier and more versatile option than Blount, shouldered the heaviest load among running backs. “It wasn’t, so from that standpoint it was tough sledding later in the game when sometimes you want to rely on the run game”. The Eagles were barely in the Chiefs’ red zone all game. However, if Sunday is any indication, head coach Doug Pederson has soured on Blount and is leaning more on his other backs, specifically Sproles. This week he attempted 46 passes, ran four times and was sacked six times. Carson Wentz extended drives, the pass rush got to a notoriously elusive Alex Smith four times, and the new receiving corps seems to have settled in after just two games. “We’ve got to get more yardage than what we produced out there”. Last week against the Redskins, Wentz was able to dig the offense out of a good many of those holes. It was the same story after the loss to the Chiefs. “1 day at a time”.

But that’s the thing: The Eagles didn’t “have to rely” on the throw. Like third-and-longs. And like a tendency to give up back-breaking run plays that spoil an otherwise decent performance.

“In LeGarrette’s case, we still got a lot of confidence in him”, Pederson said, “and we’ll find ways to get him on the field”. Only San Francisco (42) and Miami (32) yielded more. He’s now thrown 85 passes in two games this year, and his 692 career passes are one fewer than Andrew Luck for most passes in National Football League history by a quarterback after 18 games. He gained 46 yards on 14 carries in a Week 1 win at Washington, but Pederson and the offensive staff turned away from Blount in Week 2. Still, he hauled in 92 yards, pulled in a team-high seven receptions and secured his first touchdown as an Eagle. When coordinator Jim Schwartz brings a blitz, it adds even more to the package. He had linebacker Nigel Bradham lined up wide right as a standup end, with rookie defensive end Derek Barnett inside next to Beau Allen. Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher easily took Barnett out of the play, and tight end Travis Kelce did a nice job of blocking Bradham to the outside.

“He had a seam and got into the open”, safety Malcolm Jenkins said.

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