Hurricane Jose to swipe northeastern U.S. with rain, wind and rough surf

It will make its closest pass on Wednesday when ME and New Hampshire will get a dose of rain and a little wind, but tropical storm conditions should remain in Southern New England.

“A hurricane does not need to make landfall to cause significant adverse effects in the Northeast, since the shape of the coast tends to enhance storm effects and trap ocean water”, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said. While a direct hit from Jose is still unlikely, ME will see a glancing blow from the storm. However, some rain will reach New York City and Portland, Maine with spotty showers as far west as Philadelphia and Norfolk, Virginia.

It’s likely to make a close pass to New England sometime Tuesday into Wednesday. “It all depends on how far north the storm gets before it changes direction”.

During the winter, trees are bare and wind gusts aren’t as much of a concern as they are when trees still have their leaves and these act as sails. Rough surf and any surge would cause splash-over and erosion. Possible heavy downpours and steady rain closer to the coastline.

The current forecast track brings Jose northward as a Category 1 Hurricane into Monday, then it weakens and turns northeastward, passing southeast of Southern New England. Several days of onshore winds and very large waves will result in at least minor coastal flooding and maybe a few pockets of moderate.

Highest tides of the month are this week. ME will still get rough surf making for some impressive waves and rip current dangers.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, Lee and Maria joined Jose in the basin on Saturday.

Stay with Maine’s Total Weather Team and WMTW News 8 as the storms develop.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria, with winds of 120 miles per hour, has intensified into Category 3 – or major – hurricane threatening some of the same Caribbean regions devastated by Irma.

The storm could hit Puerto Rico more directly than Irma leading to the potential for massive power outages on the island.

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